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Pontiac GMC Cup - Georgian Peaks Club - Men's Giant Slalom (Runs 1 and 2)
30 January 2003

118_02_Civitarese 118_03_Civitarese 118_06_Florjancic 118_07_Helie 118_09_Mach
118_02_Civitarese.jpg 118_03_Civitarese.jpg 118_06_Florjancic.jpg 118_07_Helie.jpg 118_09_Mach.jpg
118_10_Culbert 118_14_Findlay_E 118_20_Davidson 118_22_Davidson 118_24_Davidson
118_10_Culbert.jpg 118_14_Findlay_E.jpg 118_20_Davidson.jpg 118_22_Davidson.jpg 118_24_Davidson.jpg
118_26_Findlay_P 119_06_Longley 119_14_Addison 119_15_Addison 119_21_Duvall
118_26_Findlay_P.jpg 119_06_Longley.jpg 119_14_Addison.jpg 119_15_Addison.jpg 119_21_Duvall.jpg
119_31_Oehlert 119_32_Oehlert 119_36 122_05_MidSlopeCrowd 122_06_Robert
119_31_Oehlert.jpg 119_32_Oehlert.jpg 119_36.jpg 122_05_MidSlopeCrowd.jpg 122_06_Robert.jpg
122_10_Therrien 122_13_Mach 122_14_Gillham 122_15_Helie 122_19_Barrett
122_10_Therrien.jpg 122_13_Mach.jpg 122_14_Gillham.jpg 122_15_Helie.jpg 122_19_Barrett.jpg
122_21_Culbert 122_23_Wilson 122_27_Gyles 122_29_Ramey 123_08_Pelletier
122_21_Culbert.jpg 122_23_Wilson.jpg 122_27_Gyles.jpg 122_29_Ramey.jpg 123_08_Pelletier.jpg

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