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Photo Session for Alpine Ontario's
"Starting Gate" Spring 2003 Magazine
Osler Bluff Ski Club - 1 March 2003

(sample low-res images - click to enlarge)

A_132_17_MW B_133_02_MW C_134_14_MW
A_132_17_MW.jpg B_133_02_MW.jpg C_134_14_MW.jpg
D_134_12_JW E_133_20_JW F_135_18_JW
D_134_12_JW.jpg E_133_20_JW.jpg F_135_18_JW.jpg
G_134_20_SW H_134_05_SW J_132_26_SW
G_134_20_SW.jpg H_134_05_SW.jpg J_132_26_SW.jpg


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