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Canadian Windsurfing Championships - Slalom Racing - September 1st, 2001
The very strong winds made this a very exciting event both for the competitors and spectators.

MiBWsD_17_24 MiBWsR_09_17 MiBWsR_09_19 MiBWsR_09_32 MiBWsR_09_33
MiBWsD_17_24.jpg MiBWsR_09_17.jpg MiBWsR_09_19.jpg MiBWsR_09_32.jpg MiBWsR_09_33.jpg
MiBWsR_16_04 MiBWsR_16_07 MiBWsR_16_09 MiBWsR_16_10 MiBWsR_16_12
MiBWsR_16_04.jpg MiBWsR_16_07.jpg MiBWsR_16_09.jpg MiBWsR_16_10.jpg MiBWsR_16_12.jpg
MiBWsR_16_15 MiBWsR_16_29 MiBWsR_16_32 MiBWsR_17_03 MiBWsR_17_31
MiBWsR_16_15.jpg MiBWsR_16_29.jpg MiBWsR_16_32.jpg MiBWsR_17_03.jpg MiBWsR_17_31.jpg
MiBWsR_19_10 MiBWsR_19_18 MiBWsR_19_21 MiBWsR_19_27 MiBWsR_19_29
MiBWsR_19_10.jpg MiBWsR_19_18.jpg MiBWsR_19_21.jpg MiBWsR_19_27.jpg MiBWsR_19_29.jpg
MiBWsR_19_31 MiBWsR_19_34      
MiBWsR_19_31.jpg MiBWsR_19_34.jpg

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